Italian Food

This is the first image of my "Photorealism Training". I took a photo from and tried to reproduce it. I'm pretty happy with the result. I simulated the cloth in this render with Blender's physics, for the stem I heavily used the Skin Modifier and the tomatoes are simple subdivided "round cubes" with a displacement modifier on it. For this scene I created an adjustable SSS (Subsurface Scattering) Node Group, which I used in the spaghettis', the stem's of the tomatoes and in the tomatoes' material itself. The water drops were created procedurally as you see on the screenshot.

Dorian zgraggen render

Final Render

Dorian zgraggen clay

Clay Render

Dorian zgraggen vp


Dorian zgraggen ref


Dorian zgraggen dorian zgraggen progression 1

Cooking Spoon Model

Dorian zgraggen bildschirmfoto 2017 02 24 um 13 51 44

Tomato Material